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Date Artist City Venue Country
07/30/16 J Mascis Morrison, CO Red Rocks US
Time: 7:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. w/ The Avett Brothers Buy Tickets

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  • Jesse

    Please come back to Lawrence or Kansas City..
    we miss you

    • matt

      yeah i agree

      • Bryant mkinnie

        Right on!

    • marielle

      When will i see you again in The Netherlands, Groningen darlingk you know.
      Why not ? Slow informal,, nice evening maybe with a drummer but still, smooth..

      • marielle

        I dont replay to anonymous cause he dont exist,
        Well When will you be in Europe again, Groningen (for instant, ,not ce) small smooth maybe with a drummer .
        Jay see you soon.

  • Thomas
  • Jaclyn

    No midwest dates at all? Could you add one? Anywhere in the midwest and I'd be there someway.

    • Alan

      Columbus always has good turnouts.
      Cleveland has decent venues.
      Chicago is always a good crowd.
      (just stay outta michigan)

  • Dirk

    Why no love for Florida?

    • acadx

      dirk i was thinking the same thing i want to see them so bad i can't believe we got left out , it looks like the weezer cruise leaves from miami but i am in ocala

      • dirk

        Acadx, I am in Orlando. I would love to go on the Weezer Cruise but I cannot afford hundreds of dollars to go. I wonder if there is a way we could contact J's people to do a few shows in Florida after the cruise. I know J would do well in Orlando and Tampa.

  • Jamie Taylor


  • Charlie

    Please come back to Victoria BC, we love you J. (either solo or with Dinosaur would be super rad).

    • dave

      He's playing Victoria tonight…..the Vancouver show was great

  • Thin man

    Jay please come to MT! We're so close and your music is so transcendant, I can almost hear you now. Keep on creating it's a joy to hear you play.

    • Lordyloo

      Yeah MT!

  • Bakesale


  • Naoki

    Please come to Japan!!!

  • Timmeh

    Another request for an Aussie tour 😀
    Been to all your gigs in Perth and would love to hear some of Several Shades of Why….. live!

  • John

    No Chicago date?? What gives?? 3rd largest city in the US

  • almac

    dinosaur jr argentina please!

  • geebus

    no texas..sad face

  • marc paraire

    Hi J, there are some cool festivals in SWITZERLAND> Mountains, lakes, sunshine> hope to see you next year! thank you for your great music

  • Tobin

    Calgary….but no Vancouver?? Say it ain't so!

    • dave

      The Vancouver shows are always packed….but no Vancouver show?

  • serkan

    Istanbul – TURKEY is waiting for you Mr. Mascis!!!!

  • BA Baracus

    hell yes! Just heard about the Winnipeg date! woot woot!

  • Jaspurr

    Suppose I'll have to wait, hopefully not that long, for another Scottish date! Come back to my heart…..

  • No-way

    Please, come to Czech republic !!! Love your music!!!

  • ben


  • Missing music in MT

    please come to Missoula Montana have not seen u since Portland Oregon at the La Luna back in the 90's It's beautiful up here this time of year and we would sure love to see you

  • Visit Korea as Joseph Mascis.
    It will be so fun to play together!

  • yuji

    plese coming japan !!!

  • Brian

    Southampton England??? Why not? its by the sea !

    • Greg

      I'm with Brian, come to England, we miss you!

  • Ismael


  • joao rapcham


  • please come to MALAYSIA !

  • austin

    seattle now!!!!!

  • noelia


  • seb

    marseille !!! ;.D

  • sudkamon

    Impossible right…if i wanna say can u come to Thailand!!

  • Please come to my house to play for me and my family and friends. Just send me an email!

  • Paulus

    If you come to England I will be suuuuuuuper happy and come and see you with a big group of mates and you will make loads of money out of us :))

  • Paulo


  • Felix

    New Orleans, Mississippi, Memphis ?

  • Erick

    Mexico.. /:

  • sonacjuice

    Hi J!
    Please consider Sligo, Ireland. There are many festivals and venues for what ever you want to do.
    Loved the London Bug gig. Love your acoustic songs…

  • Nora


  • koen

    spain please

  • rodrigo

    please come to mexico city,would be great to come.

  • enos

    dinosaur jr São Paulo- Brasil please!

  • vin

    you should do a small venue show in south florida, preferably fort lauderdale before the little cruise weekend tour, I cant really afford the cruise otherwise I would go.

  • come back to olympia!, you can totally crash on my sofa!

  • Oh man, I refound all the old stuff, I am listening all day to the old & new tunes. Are there any plans to do a European tour anywhere in 2012 or 13 ? Do not skip Holland, just don't, please!

  • Nathan

    your show in Victoria was unreal! Thanks for coming to Rifflandia!

  • Oskar

    please, why you won't come to Cusco – Perú?… your welcome, regards

  • Octavio

    Please, Dinosaur Jr in Argentina, Mar del Plata!

  • Since '89 baby

    Salt lake…….. Biooooooottccchhh!

  • Kouji

    Come back to Japan!
    Udon is delicious!
    and your music is awsome!

  • Dave

    will you be adding some Sydney dates on your Oz tour J?

  • Vengan a la argentina!!!!! : P (Come to Argentina and enjoy the wine and flesh)

  • Louis

    Please please please COME TO VIENNA, AUSTRIA!:D

  • BOH


  • joma

    Germany is waiting

  • Arge

    Wow J Mascis in australia wooooooohoooooooo….

  • lehmon

    we would be happy to listen to you in cologne , germany

  • Rach

    Aw wish you could come to adelaide!!


  • peter

    please come to france

  • dan


  • Dave

    Damn, why can't he do one show in New Zealand while he is in Australia. He got really good reception last time he played here. Come to Auckland or Wellington again!

  • Sarah

    London misses you already!!! Come back soon! X

  • Mike

    I was introduced to Dinosaur JR music a couple years ago and became an instant fan! seen them a few times and they kick ass! I saw J. Mascis at the melting point in Athens Georgia 2011. unbelievable show! I had no idea he was such a talented musician. If you ever get a chance to go and see Mr. Mascis when he does his solo tour, do yourself a favor and go see the show. Come back to Georgia!!!!!

  • Markus

    We miss you in Sweden!

  • pier

    Please , add dates in Italy

  • Stephen

    Your show at the spaceland ballroom in hamden cy was out of this world. Can’t wait until you come back. Best guitar player in the world

  • Danielle

    Please come to Israel!! You have Lots of fans over here

  • Why don’t you think about Italy? 🙁

  • Pablo Michea

    where’s chile

  • Ian

    Come back home to Northampton!

  • J JR

    Come to syracuse NY, I will pay you $200,000
    in monolopy money

  • d

    please tour Australia

  • Michael Jessmer

    Please come to texas…anywhere around fort hood. I have yet to see you live and would thoroughly enjoy the opportunity.

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